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Brotha, Why Go Out To Find a Summer Job in 2016? Stay At Home And Rock Out Online

If you’re young and hungry, then you’ll want to pay quite close attention to the beat I’m about to drop on ya ears. Listen up children! Ok, I’ve been playing quite a bit too much Fallout 3. But what I do want to say is simple.

A lot of young people, high school aged mostly, are going to start looking for summer jobs in just a few short months. But I believe most people have the wrong approach here.

Why? Because there’s so much going on online. You can find so many more side-jobs, summer jobs, temporary positions online that don’t exist in your city.

Why choose them over the local jobs? Because the skill sets are generally more valuable. Here’s a quick look to whet your appetite:

  • Start a job as a writer. Many people are looking to hire creative writing talent, no matter what your age is.
  • Help local places get found. You know Facebook, so go share it with your uncle, your neighbor, and anybody with a business who wants to be found.
  • Data entry. Lots and lots of these jobs available online.

What are you waiting for? While all your friends are out hunting for peanut paying jobs, you can start building a valuable skillset with online gigs. Not only that, but there’s more underlying value in working here. Once you get going, you won’t be bound to a brick and mortar J.O.B. like everyone else. As long as you have your smartphone, you can do just about any job from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection!


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