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Do Bath Towels Go Bad?

Bath towels can develop an odor that makes many people wonder whether they have to throw them away and buy new ones. However, this is rather a matter of improper washing rather than going bad. If your towels also have this smell, you should take a closer look at the washing methods, instead of rushing into throwing your towels away.

Towels may develop mildew, especially if your bathroom doesn’t have proper ventilation. When this happens, it’s very hard to get rid of the odor. You may try to wash these towels at very high temperature, to see if you can get rid of the problem. Most of the time, this method works. In addition, you should avoid loading your washing machine to the full. Allow the laundry to have some proper space, so that the towels can be properly rinsed. Their thick fabric is difficult to clean, as some bacteria or mildew may still survive deep inside the fibers. Moreover, you need to make sure you dry these towels properly. Hang them out in a windy place, so that they can dry quickly. Direct sunlight is also good, if you can get some. If you use a dryer, you should consider hanging your towels out is fresh air before folding them and putting them in the storage.

“Consider the location. Where the towels are going is the most important factor in deciding which towels to buy. For example, if they’re going to furnish the place on the lake, then you may want to consider a towel designed to hold up over the years. Plus, it doesn’t hurt if you can afford a plush towel to dry off on your weekend getaways.”

The best way to avoid towels from going bad is to always wash them on high temperature setting. You shouldn’t mix them with your other laundry items that require other washing conditions. Towels can be washed in extremely hot water, as they are made from cotton, while your shirts and underwear need shorter and milder washing cycles.

Women who dye their hair at home risk to damage their towels. The color runs for a few washes, so if you use a white towel to wipe your hair, you may have to discard it after use, as it is going to become permanently stained. The solution is to either have dark towels or to assign a couple of them to wiping your freshly dyed hair and keep them out of sight when you have guests.

When used for a very long time, bath towels may become thin, as the fabric wears out. In addition, they may also develop holes. When this happens, it’s time to renew them. Odor related problems can be solved by proper washing in high temperature, and without loading the ashing machine too much.

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